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Automation to Help you Manage the Lifecycle of your Customer's Purchase and the Service Needs

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Building Your Dealership's Mobile Customer List Has to be Your Priority. The only way that is working is by employing a Loyalty and Rewards type of Automated program for Your Dealership. This Customized Done For You Solution is AUTOTXTQPON Automated Marketing

Put The Power Of Automation To Market Your Dealership

Text Marketing

Imagine having your customers getting your monthly Branding Message with Reminders that they are coming up to a time they need service, that they want and need.

95% Open Rate in the 1st Hour

All of this On Auto-Pilot!

Our Customized Done-For-You program allows you to Market and Remind your customers with our Rewards and Loyalty Program

AUTOMOTIVE Dealer Using Text Marketing


Name and city and state of marketer:
Automotive Dealer in FL

Campaign/program name:
SMS Leveraging of Traditional Mediums and Double Opt-in

Eight weeks

Common short code and keywords used:
GMC to 71441, AVENUES to 71441, CHEVY to 71441


  1. Utilize targeted keywords on multiple radio stations to gauge ROI
  2. Build a large mobile database for service specials, event pushes
  3. Utilize Double Opt-In campaigns to generate warm leads and thus earn sales.

Target audience:
Adults ages 18-40 who are open to a new/used vehicle purchase.


Utilize Text to Win opportunities that fit the car brand on local radio. Examples during the promotional period include:

  • a text to win Taylor Swift ticket giveaway to target potential Pontiac buyers on a top rated CHR station
  • a text to win GMC Sierra on a local country station
  • a text to win Pro Bowl tickets on a local talk radio station

Call to action:
Text to Win tags were added to current radio spots.


Energetic radio commercials were recorded, which listed the keyword and short code a minimum of two times per ad. After a significant database was built, an offer was pushed that was valuable only to those people genuinely open to purchasing a new or used vehicle. These people were then considered tangible leads for the dealership; each was called and personally invited in for a test drive.

Campaign Results

The dealership generated 4,000 mobile opt-ins. After the double opt-in request, the program created 370 workable leads (9.25%). In addition, because of the targeted use of keywords and planned promotions, The dealer group was able to effectively gauge dollars spent on radio, thus allowing them to plan their marketing more efficiently.

What next:
The dealership has now begun to include mobile in their newspaper ads so customers can instantly search their inventory in more depth. ZuTech Media will create a template in the software so they can update this weekly with ease. Additionally, the dealership is utilizing mobile at their upcoming auto show to stand out from other show participants and capture leads.

Lessons learned:
The more broad a giveaway's reach, the more filtering has to be done.

Surprise finding:
When the value of 370 double opt-in participants specifically interested in the purchase of a new car was analyzed, the ROI for the campaign (even when combined with radio dollars spent) was extremely high.

Strategy quote from brand executive (with name, title, company, city and state):
“The Family of Dealerships wanted to use mobile to grow a database and reach our customers in the way they communicate. Utilizing mobile has allowed us to build a stronger and deeper brand relationship with potential new customers. As an added bonus, we were able to analyze the strength of our radio partners by judging the mobile response, which has helped us plan our marketing more efficiently.”

What challenge did mobile address quote (from same executive above):
"Mobile addressed several challenges for us. First, simple SMS helped us build a one-to-one relationship with both current and new customers. It allowed us to communicate with them and actively drive sales. Second, mobile helped us stand out from surrounding dealers; our advertisements stood out, had fresh call-to-action statements, and generated immediate tangible leads. Finally, mobile has helped us monitor our advertising and measure each ad’s effectiveness." – Lauren, CMO Dealership Group

Mobile Wallet Marketing: Offers, Coupons and Loyalty at the Center

Analytics help connect the dots to deliver context

August 5, 2015 |

US consumers probably won’t be replacing their leather wallets or designer purses with mobile phones or smart watches any time soon, but that doesn’t mean brands—especially retail brands—can afford to ignore the burgeoning marketing opportunity mobile wallets offer. As people grow accustomed to using devices to pay at the point of sale, the mobile wallet will become an important hub that will enable marketers to provide customers with more context as well as greater convenience, according to a new eMarketer report, “The Mobile Wallet: Six Things Marketers Should Know.”

Offers, coupons and loyalty programs are nothing new to marketers and advertisers seeking to engage with customers and drive demand. But by connecting these tactics to mobile wallets, they’re starting to provide more convenience and context to consumers while they shop, as well as providing real-time insights that marketers can harness immediately to improve performance or meet specific objectives.

“I think the first use case [for marketing on mobile wallets] is more relevant offers that are specifically targeted to a consumer in a mindset to make a purchase,” said Alistair Goodman, CEO of Placecast. He elaborated that past purchase history could be triangulated with real-time location information to deliver compelling contextual messages and offers to individuals at the perfect moment to provoke a desired action.

Julie Bernard, CMO of Verve Mobile, agreed that sale messaging, coupons and promotional offers currently dominate the conversations related to marketing on mobile wallets. “While it may
 not be terribly exciting from an advertising industry perspective, it remains enormously relevant from a consumer point of view,” she explained. When consumers take advantage of a coupon, deal or promotion, it makes them feel like a savvy shopper, Bernard said. “Delivering those coupons and offers to the consumer in a manner that makes life easy for them is a hugely advantageous opportunity for advertisers and marketers,” she noted.

More often than not, brand-specific mobile wallets are tied in with loyalty programs to incentivize and hopefully habituate usage with offers and rewards.

Context will be key to keeping consumers engaged, and better analytics from mobile wallets will be one element to help inform how to provide that context. Marketers “actually have that information available to know what [customers] bought last and how frequently they’ve been in,” said David Luther, chief business officer at Mozido. “You can create that segment, then give them a pretty valuable discount to get them to come back,” Luther noted.

Michael Puffer, director of mobile solutions and strategy for HelloWorld, explained that a main advantage of mobile wallets is the deeper level of customer data and instant feedback loop they can provide campaigns and programs. “We’re really excited about this as a way to kind of quantify [what] really wasn’t as readily available and much more difficult to implement previously,” he said.

Communicating with your customer's Mobile Phones with Text Marketing on Auto-Pilot

Auto Dealers, 

The discussion around the Automotive industry is the importance of Text Messaging with your customers. This Communication is preferred by your customers and there are all kinds of add ons to your DMS and other services that want to hipe Texting. Promoting text messaging as a communication tool only. Leaving your dealership short on what it could be doing.

Most other Text programs are just a text communication program that is going to charge $600 to $1000 for you to communicate with your customers from the service adviser. This is the basic part of our program in Text Messaging.

With Auto Txt your Service Advisers can communicate scripted messages about the vehicle direct to the customer from any PC or SmartPhone and tracking the message and content, nothing stored on the service advisors personal phone, it's cloud based. We build your marketing list from the service adviser's communications and have your customers opt-in to your future Branding and Promotions campaign.

Now Think Text Marketing 3.0 where we build your text templates and incorporate your service schedules and brand marketing effort to drive repeat business from current customers. Sending message to the customers, from your dealership, timed promotions based on their new or used car purchase or their latest service. We also allow your customers to share your digital coupons with their friends by text, (good referral marketing) and have them share your digital coupons virally on their Facebook or Twitter accounts. Driving Conquest marketing efforts because the customer is saying what a great job your service department has done for us that here is a discount for my friend to use too.

Text Messaging from Service Advisers to Service Customers

  1. Template of Vehicle Finished and Ready for Pick-up and Thank You
  2. Template of Important that Customer Call Service Adviser about Vehicle needing additional work
  3. Template for Offering rewards for offering them a discount on next service

Imagine getting this coupon texted to your customer's mobile phone 3 days after you buy

Customer Preception: "This Dealer Cares About Our Safety"

Consumers Spend $2500.00 in the 90 days after the purchase of their new or used vehicle, customizing or personalizing it with accessories, according to NADA

Is your dealership getting your share since they bought the vehicle from you?

Rewards that enhance your services and get customers back to your fixed op program is vital right after they have purchased a vehicle from you. With a great B-Back tool in physical or digital form can get your service advisers introduced to the customer and have the customer feel that you have their best interest in mind. You are their expert on their new car and here is the time to show it and build that long term relationship with your service department.

Coupon Reminders sent via Text Message relevant to their vehicle mileage that they are coming up on their 5k, 10k, 15k (annual service) 20K, 25K, 30K (bi Annual service) and so on. We digitize your coupon book and promote those based on mileage estimates to coupons that are specific for their vehicle and sit in their Mobile Wallet on the customers phone.

Set it and Forget it. If your Dealership is anything like the ones we know, your staff doesn't like change and if it requires more effort it will probably not be utilized.

So we thought it best to do it all for you. Build the program, make it as easy as having you ask your customers if they would like to be apart of your loyalty and rewards program. Then we build templates for Service Advisers to send out when a customer's vehicles have been inspected and fixed or inspected & they need to talk with them for approval. All these help you build your Mobile List of Customer Mobile Numbers for you to market to in the next few months and grow it Fast. Google says "95% of All Search will be on a Mobile device by the end of 2015." This is the year of Mobile Connections.

SMS or Text marketing has rules governed by the FCC. Those Rules include that mobile customers must "Double Opt-In" to any marketing program via text. We are completely aware and compliant with these rules. Also your customers can respond to any of your messages and text STOP and they will Automatically drop from the list until they double opt-in again. If They need assistance they can Text HELP and we can assist at time. Those instructins come out on our first message to customers.

As your list grows and your marketing is reaching your current customers and their friends, you start with timed messages relevant to the season. The target of messages is to reach every customer with a branding and service message one time a month. We find by only sending 1 time a month your customers don't opt-out and stay involved with your brand.

Other services built in to our AutoTxtQpon program is Social Sharing of your fixed op coupons direct to your dealerships Facebook Fan Page for your fans, plus Twitter posting and reposting to their friends.

Vehicle Listing to put a text to direct them to the specific URL for that vehicle. Sales Manager's phone is notified when the text to that url happens, building a lead list by vehicle or a follow-up campaign on Monday

*Mobile Number:
*First Name:
*Last Name:

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At anytime you can text to 71441 the word 'HELP' to
get more information or 'STOP' to cancel your account.
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Track Everything from Coupons Redeemed, Messages Sent, Opt-Ins & Opt-Outs, Individual Views of Coupons and More

Many of the Manufacturers are demanding your dealership get a text program and some have their own program that they want you to pay to communicate with your customers. If the manufacturer owns your local list, by FCC rules they are the only ones that can send out messages.

With our program you own the list, You then protect your "Blue Sky Value" of your dealership. You own the list and can market to them as you wish, when days are slow in fixed ops offer a discount for today and have the coupon expire tomorrow

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PS- We are not only the Text Communications Program for your Service advisers but We are the Marketing team to assist you in moving some of the direct mail and othe print advertising into a trackable form of marketing bringing you the ROI you want on Branding and Promotions with our personalized program for Mobile Customers


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