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What is Your Mobile Strategy?

Why do you think you need a mobile strategy? Is it just because that is what everyone is talking about. Or is it that you're one of the few that realize the Smart Phone and Tablets are the new personal computer. Knowing that Mobile Search has surpassed Desktop search, and email marketing needs to shift to the new message of Text Marketing because Mobile is where your customers are, ALL THE TIME.

1st Start with a text platform that will BUILD Your Mobile Marketing LIST, not just messaging from your service department.

2nd Use Loyalty and Rewards to excite your customers to Join your List.

3rd Promote Mobile Loyalty on all your marketing platforms or Channels, get a  trackable ROI from all your brand marketing efforts.

Free Wifi creates leads to Loyalty programs. Push and SMS Coupons for Viral Sharing of the coupons on Social media allow your customer to promote your business. Nothing beats a referral from your customers. Lastly this leads to retargeting for future business.

On-Premise Promotions and Brand Building don't have to be thought of as just a cost of doing business anymore. Now is the time to get a ROI from your Brand Building Investments in your local market. You build Blue Sky Value by you building your Mobile List. It's Your List and you can control Your Message.

Mobile Coupons can be a great way to get the message out on any upcoming sale, or event to drive traffic to your store. Mobile Coupons can be tracked for opens, used or expired. Some can be shared if you would like to their friends on social media or by email.

"This is AWESOME."

Laura Zulanas

Co-Founder of ZuTech Media

Mobile, Text and Facebook Marketing

If you have the time to view our video above on Facebook Advertising to help you undertand why you need to be advertisiting on this amazing social media channel. Also we are experts at Facebook advertising and if you want we can build, manage and place those ads for our clients. If you want to do it yourself we know we can help you with our hints from our video.

The Video next is about how Search, Social and Mobile Marketing have changed how people eat out. Local Search has become tied to reputation marketing for many people after a customer recommends your business will first check out google review for your business. Next is Social media and we just covered some of that in the above video. Also you need a mobile website that is mobile responsive so the site is readible on the mobile smartphone they use. Mobile coupons are 10 times more likely to be used than traditional coupons. Lastly it is vital that you build your list of Mobile customers and use that built list to connect with your mobile local customer.

Manage The Life Cycle of Your Customers

Automotive Dealers need ways to bring your customers back to your service centers?

Text "Earnhardt" to "71441" for a demo

If you texted for the demo these messages would come out 1 every 2 months . Our Automated Service allows you to reach out to customers with your custom plan with our coupons direct to their phone, branding your dealership.

Social Media Marketing and The Mobile EcoSystem

Are you staying relevant and promoting your business with your social media, ?

We Are Your Experts at Both...

Currently we manage campaigns for large multi-million dollar business to small mom and pop business. As your social media expert we will create the content and syndicate it to the best social media channels for your business. Your Content will make you King of your market and we are here to help you execute.

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