On-Premise & Off-Premise Promotions

Connecting with the 4th Tier

Building Wholesalers an ROI from the Promotions and a way to market to the

Consumers in your Local Market


Why Would a Distributor Want a Mobile Strategy

As Retailer's and Suppliers continue with their marketing programs to connect with the local customer, they have the connection and not the local distributor. He who has the connections wins Locally. Own your Local Mobile List to Promote your brands to your local 4th tier consumers. Continue to build your Blue Sky Value with a large Mobile list.

Many Wholesalers I talk with and after having been one for over 25 years state the same issue about getting something for their money when doing On-Premise and Off-Premise sampling where they give out promotional items.

Would it be great to reach out to 500 or 1000 local customers that you are introducing a new brand into the market and they should ask their local retailer for it TODAY, so they can be the first to let their friends sample it tonight.

You have set up an On-Premise night and your introducing a new brand of Seasonal Craft or Sour and you want to do a tasting on an off night and by sending out one text you pack out the bar, The owner is ecstatic to see his placed packed, and you're the distributor of Business Improvement for that owner. You are the go to guys for your retail accounts.

What smart brewer will pass up the distributor with the best 3 and 4 tier connections. None. Only the ones that don't understand selling would make any other choice. Owning your own list is vital to getting your message direct to the 4th tier.  


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  • Throw Away the Sign Up Box, Move into the 21st Century.

    With our Text Marketing program you will build your mobile list building your Mobile Connection with the 4th Tier.

    Text "Svedka" to "40691" to Enter to Win this Gold Bag from Svedka Vodka.

    This program allows consumers to enter with our Double opt-in and by confirming with a Yes they opted in a second time.

    Consumers enter the information and they will recieve mobile coupons direct to their mobile phones for your next promotion.. Let consumers do the data-entry work for you and your Local Mobile list grows.

    Off Premise Promotions Like This can be used to Build your Local Mobile List with the 4th Tier

    • All too many times these items have gone up in stores and they put a box out with entry forms for people to fill out and the drawing is done and the rest of the entries are thrown away, and the connection is wasted. 

    • Or once the prize is given away the Off Premise owner may add the information to his list of customers to contact

    • But all to often our industry sees these as another way to spiff the owner with the drawing going to the owners wife or son inlaw or daughter inlaw. Again in states where the laws are against giving anything of value to the retailer an automated program like ours can keep your distributorship incompliance.

    • These items are meant to drive traffic and be consumer incentives that you have paid for, so why not collect the mobile connection and information direct from the consumers. Building your list that is in FCC compliance of a double opt-in.

    • Let your retailers know that you have a totally autometed system that will use "Our Text 2 Win" contest with a start date and and end Date for entries, plus total automate the winners with a coupon to be redeemed for the specific prize they won. No work on the retailers part at all. Just allow you to put up the display and the signage for the text to win.

    • Owning the local list of consumers allows you to promote your brands to other local on-premise or off-premise promotions you maybe running in the future.

    • By Owning the List You control the message to the local consumer, with entertaining content you can drive sampling to any new brands you introduce into your market.

    On-Premise Promotions Text To Win or Promotional Announcements


    Use "Text To Win" at your Next On-Premise Promotion

    *Customize your On- Premise promotions and Build your list of the Mobile 4th Tier Customers. Distributors that own the communication with the 4th tier win the local mobile customers.

    Text "Budweiser", or any of these other keywords: Lite, CoorsLt, or Pabst To "40691"

    This is a sample of a few messages you can send during the promotion, but most importantly we track all messages and coupons by Mobile #

    With the promotional items you give away at On-Premise promotions now, What are you getting in return, Why not a Mobile Connection with the 4th Tier!

    Millennials prefer a text to talking

    Promoting your next on-premise promotion a day before will be in customers to your on-premise accounts and make you look like the champion.  Building a large list segmented by your town or brands will help you target the best customers for your promotions. Win by Targeting the right consumers

    Find Your Beach On-Premise Promotion

    Why not use the swag give aways to build a digital list on Mobile connections, and control the local message to your 4th tier consumers


    This Buds For You

    Text to Win contests can be automatically set up to the number of prizes and the messages that you want to go out. As the text in we can set times for the drawings and coupons for the winner of the prizes, and then tracking the redeemed coupons.


    Less Filling, Great T-shirts Promotions

    Check Redeemed coupons at the end of the promotion and understand that if your coupons were drinks your bill is actual or padded a bit.  Also understand that with the automatic winners (5 at a time) is sent a coupon for the winning prizes and consumers can have only 1 entry per person. Automatic Thank you for participating at the end of the promotion.

    Consumers can opt out when they want by responding to a text with "stop" and they will automatically be opted-out. If they don't opt out they will stay on your list to promotion the next Brand Building event near them, groupies. 

    Boston Beer wants to give you a better beer

    Building the mobile list of the 4th tier consumers will allow you to market all your future promotions, and bring larger crowds to your next promotions, make your distributorship the go to wholesaler to work with for promotions. Also when a brand you want comes to the state how cool will your company be when you say we have 1M consumers in the market and XYZ Distg has 700K mobile connections for promotions and samplings.


    Your have the relationships with the retailers, and now is the time for connect with the 4th tier, to promote your next brand, your next promotion, your next event. Remember your Mobile list can create great "Blue Sky Value."


    Viral Sharing Pre Promotions

    Sharing these coupons on your social media or Texting to your list ahead of the promo also allows your followers to share the promo coupon on their Social media pages or email it to their friends. Thus allowing your promotions to go VIRAL


    Get your Text to Win promotions and Mobile coupons for sharing on Social media and having viral coupons with 15 Vanity Keywords, and 10000 texts for the 1st 3 months. Yours for $199.00 per month.

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