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Technology Source for the Beverage Distribution


Beverage wholesaler's IT manager's budgets and responsibilities are being pushed to do more of the businesses core functions. Not only are IT managers part of the Warehouse Operations, Pre-Sell and Delivery, Forecasting, Merchandising, Cyber-security, Website, Online Ordering, Tell-Sell and Call Center, but also the Marketing platforms to tie in Social Media, On-premise and Off-premise promotions, and Display enhancer tracking.

In some distributors IT systems are being outsourced to be a Virtual Platform to fix cost and keep up with the cutting edge of IT. Our Team allows you the ability to build on your IT team and assist in the complete solution to keep your business IT department on the cusp of Technology at a fraction of the cost. Call us today at 719-313-7945.

Warehouse Tech.

Wifi in the Warehouse, Scanners, Forklift Computers, Voice Picking, Warehouse Optimization, Equipment  and accessories.

Delivery Route Tech.

Handheld Computers, Receipt Printers, BT Dex Equipment, WAN in-Truck equipment, Routing Optimization Software, and equipment disposables. 

Beverage Distributor Marketing Tech.

Software for Market Execution and Marketing for mobile and social platforms, to build the connections with the 4th tier.

VoCollect Voice Picking Equipment A730 and Headset

MC9200 is the latest version of the MC9000 series. Works with the same docks as the 9090 and 9190.

Zebra 110xi4 is the barcode printer backbone for most Beverage distributors.

Zebra ET50 tablets are perfect for inventory, planograms, and some distributora mount them to the forklifts

Delivery Route Technology

Receipt Paper for all Thermal Printers in beverage delivery use. Call us for a quote. Best prices on higher quantities ordered.

Zebra MC67 BT, Wifi, and WWAN radios

Brother RJ4030Ai BT iOS MyFi printer as well as RJ4040 Wifi Airprint compatible Printer Special. EOStar and VIP Software receipt printers

New Intermec CN75 and CN75e BT, Wifi, and WWAN radio

Soti Device Management software allows for mass downloads and restrict access to web. Also protect your network from the outside.


Social Media and Mobile Connections

Building a Large Mobile list of local Beer drinking consumers is becoming vital for Beer Distributors. Using Text to Win contests at Local ON-Premise promotions and Dislay enhancer give-aways in the Off-Premise (where Legal).

Having a Platform that can tie in Social Media, Websites, Geo-location anlso prove well for driving consumer to your Promotions. Making your distributor the go to distributor for new brands. But Mainly the Distributor your retailers want to work with because you bring consumers into their business.

Social Sharing of your Promotion announcement with the ability of your local beer drinkers have the ability to share the promotion announcement with their friends on their phone and help build your list.

Text to Win contests work better than Apps


Apps lose effectiveness when customers download the app but turn off the notifications.  Text messages always go thru, and consumers can text stop to opt out of the program anytime they feel they are being bothered.

Mobile Coupons and Social Sharing with Marketing for your next On-Premise Brand Promotion

Loyalty Programs for Frequent Customers or Sign in Tablets for getting sign up for drawings.

Using a Loyalty Program is as easy as when a consumers join your program

You can send out links to allow them to buy Swag- Tshirts, Hoodies, Hats, signs and more from your in house novelty store, and for each buy they earn points towards a reward.

The Local consumer loves being loyal to your brand and will wear it all over your local market. It could be they know others that only drink their favorite brand and they will buy it thru your website. Let them know that they are special and add them to your newsletter on your beverages.


Off-Premise Display Enhancer Give Aways

Automated Text to Win Contests used for giving away Display Enhancers will track every entry and the winners and will randomly pick the winner and send them a text that they are the winner and a coupon to come back a redeem for their prize. 

Using this list to drive consumers to your next On-Premise Promotion or the next give away or tasting at the the store. Many use the program to bring consumers to their facebook page or their website to watch that the consumer can learn about your brand's stories, and maybe where you have distribution on those brands.

Millenials prefer to text and when you can reach them where they are you can control the message. Our platform allows you to share your message direct to them or on the social media .

Automated Mobile Marketing for Your Beverage Wholesalership

Connecting You with the 4th Tier

Promotion Reminders, Mobile Coupons, Social Media Sharing for you and the 4th Tier, Building Wholesalers the Mobile Connection with Your Local Market

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