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"We use this exact assessment with all of our coaching clients to help them evaluate their personal wellness inefficiencies AND design better lives for themselves. This is a must-have for improving YOUR life." - Jen Quammen, DVM, MPH

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Brittany Koether, DVM

"Their approach to wellness is geared towards you and helps you find the tools that work for you. Dr. Jen and Ryan have extensive knowledge on many areas of the human body and interaction. Since the start of working with them, I have gained an ability to recognize and calm my anxiety and stress down quickly. Through communication, apps, and practice, I believe Dr. Jen and Ryan have made me a more focused, happier person."


Julie Settlage, DVM, DACVS

"They really helped me drill down on parts of my life that I wanted to improve and gave me the tools to do it. The weekly check-ins kept me motivated and on track. Jen and Ryan are wonderful individuals and it was obvious that they cared about me. As a result, I worked hard on myself because I did not want to disappoint them (or me!)"

"We use this same tool with all of our high performance clients."

Jen Quammen, DVM, MPH

High Performance Coach to Top Veterinary Professionals

When you download the tool for free, you'll learn:



More sleep is not always the answer. By optimizing both quality and quantity through sleep habits and environmental conditions, you can achieve daily energy.



It's not the stress but how you respond.  By creating habits around your daily actions and teaching resilience techniques, we build a life of strength and happiness. 



When your body is working optimally, you can get everything done at work and come home with the energy to spend on the most important things in your life.



Having control over your nutrition in one of the most improtant things you can do to increase your performance across the board.



With the High Performance Mindset you can achieve all of your goals and find yourself looking for new and exciting challenges.



When both your professional and personal life mesh, you'll never stop striving for a total High Performance Life.

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