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Sponsored Mobile Marketing Platform for Colorado Front Range Licensed Beverage Retailers.

With Digital marketing media replacing print media for licensed beverage retailers, here is an oportunity for them to take marketing costs and re-appropriate them to more specific and individual plans to reach local consumers and save money versus print media companies that want to charge high dollars for retailer moving print to digital with the print media companies.Technology and qualified personnel to run these technologies are driving costs up for most independent liquor stores.


Your Own Production Studio

Our goal with this platform is to allow the liquor store owners the ability to automate your content production when you do tastings and have events.

Connect with Facebook Live and YouTube Live to take your events viral plus answer questions with chat from everyone that is onboard. Connecting with your customers is what this is all aout.

JamSessions allow you to have multiple stores and one Brewer, Wine Maker, or Master Distiller in face to face interaction with customers.

Launch Pricing Good until 8/31/17

Check out http://www.bevtechnews.com

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ZuTech automated Text to Win program will build you a list of customers with the display enhancer give aways but also automatically pick and track the winner and non winners. Send them a coupon and Keep in compliance with the New Liquor Control Rules on give aways.

Mobile Coupons

Mobile Coupons and announcements of sprecial promotions or tastings are the number one reason consumers opt into retail sms marketing programs. Mobile Coupon redemption is 10x higher than print coupons. Tracking of delivery and redemption is available in real time. Also each consumer will get the Mobile Wallet app to access your mobile coupons on their smart phones.

Loyalty Program

Repeat customers are a huge key to your business success. Loyalty programs encourage repeat business. Kiosk on your counter can help you drive customers to optin to your smsm marketing program. With this program you can also tie a virtual punch card to track visits or point for purchases for them to earn a reward as your loyal customer.


Mobile First Platform

Mobile smart phones are in all your customers pocket. Consumers don't go anywhere without their smart phone. They get email, texts, and much more on their phones. It is reported that within 4 years Mobile will be the only platform your customers will use. Marketing to these customers will be vital to your business. It's important to get customers to opt into your Mobile Marketing program for you to keep them in the next 2 years. ZuTech Media gives you the platform to do just that. Call us at 719-313-7945

Additional Features with SMS Platform

Mystery Coupons

Conduct a Poll -customer product preference

Automated Contests

Mobile Landing Pages

Social Wifi: Wifi Proximity, Geo-Fencing, & Beacons

Having consumers log into wifi with their social media profiles allow you to re-target those customers on their future web searches and on their social media because you have their true profiles.

Apps by Zutech

Do you have an app for your store? Is it giving you all you want? Our Plan allows you to get an app you want with all current and future features you'll need to market your business for the Mobile Market.

Virtual Punch Cards

With the Loyalty Sign up rewarding your loyal customers with points per purchase or by number of visits is made easy with the card on their smart phone.

ZuTech Media, LLC

Sponsored Platform for Licensed Retailers


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