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Digital Media Marketing for Multi Channel Targeting and ReTargeting Campaigns

Strategy vs Tactics

We have listed below many of the tactics that Digital Marketing plans use to get the message to the customers of your business. All of which we do very well and understand where the best ROI for you comes from.

Our Plan is to go through with you, your business' strategy on whom is your ideal customer, what is the lifetime value to your company, and what is your unique selling proposition that sets you apart from your competition. Then we can decide the proper tactics and timetable it will take to get you to your goal.

Tactics alone are like the "Ready Shoot Aim, Wasting You and Your Business' Time and Money" without a strategy

Instead we use a Ready Aim Fire Strategy approach with expectations of hitting the bull's eye for your business.

Are you using Deal Sites Like Groupon, Living Social and others!

On the Day you launch your campaign with the deal sites, have you noticed a huge spike in hits to your webpage. Your Banner on the webpage and a way to capture those hits to build your list for retargeting should be vital for you. As smart business owners get customers coming back, when you offer a 50% off coupon and collect only 25% from Groupon, You Ask those customers if they join your loyalty program you will honor the deal again, this time make the whole 50%, but you collect their cell #, Name and email for retargeting. After you get them coming in a few more times it becomes habit for them too. You Build Your List #1, not the Deal site's list.

The Local Business Marketing Mobile Ecosystem

Digital Loyalty Program

Mobile Coupons with Social Sharing


Webinars for Marketing your Products and Services

Introducing JamSessions the most innovative way to market, pitch, and collaborate with multiple guests at the same time. Making training, project work, sales presentations work best. Broadcast to Facebook Live or YouTube Live your events and programs to drive customers to your door.

Imagine having a group of 3 customers on your presentation doing a testimonial about your product or service and having the ability to promote it to 1000's on Facebook Live without having to know all the ins and out of video production. This is your own in house and external production studio. Call 719-313-7945 to know more.


Restaurants, Night Clubs and Events use Social Media

With the landscape changed forever social media has become the main way hospitality businesses are driving new and past customers back to their establishments. Having a plan of what you want to do and then implementing that plan takes knowledge and time to do it right.

As a wise restaurant and Night club owner once told me "Finding the expert and letting them do it for me is cheaper than the time I waste figuring it out and then implementing or doing it, my time is worth more than that". We are your Social Marketing Experts.

Your Brand is Your Reputation.

You started your business by solving a need for your customers and your business has thrived because you have a great reputation. Your Reputation is your Brand. Understanding this helps us address your multiple store fronts and how we use your reputation to drive business for you. Then all your digital advertising can feature your brand and drive business back to you through your storefronts.

Solutions with Tactics by Industry Application

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